About Our County

Dedicated to sharing a rich heritage, while not forgetting traditional values, Calhoun County is tucked away in the Panhandle of Florida. Located just over an hour from Gulf of Mexico. Calhoun County is right in the center of everything Northwest Florida has to offer.


Calhoun County Courthouse is open to the public. Face masks are required and you will need to get your temperature checked upon entering.

Please cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands, and stay home if you are sick.

Calhoun County Long-Term Recovery Plan DRAFT

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, the Calhoun County Board of County Commissioners, in partnership with the Apalachee Regional Planning Council (ARPC) and OVID Solutions, presents the DRAFT Calhoun County Long-Term Recovery Plan for public review and comment.  This plan has been developed through a Community Planning Technical Assistance Grant awarded by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO).  This proposed recovery plan has been carefully designed to include priority projects identified through county-wide input.  Each listed project indicates potential funding strategies to achieve the desired outcomes.  The establishment of this plan is an opportunity for Calhoun County to re-imagine its long-term vision and to implement that vision on a much faster timeline (within 10-15 years instead of 25-50 years), which will pave the way to realize desired economic growth that is desperately needed following the devastation of Hurricane Michael.

This Long-Term Recovery Plan will be presented for a first public hearing before the Calhoun County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, October 20 with a final adoption hearing anticipated on November 17.  Any questions or comments can be sent directly to Ben Chandler at the Apalachee Regional Planning Council.  The deadline for comments for the first hearing is Wednesday, September 30, 2020.  The deadline for final comments ahead of the adoption hearing is Friday, October 30, 2020.  Please submit all questions and comments by email to Ben Chandler at [email protected].

Once comments are received, they will be incorporated into the final proposed plan, as appropriate, and will be presented to the Calhoun County Board of County Commissioners.  Once adopted, the Calhoun County Long-Term Recovery Plan will serve as the foundation of ongoing economic recovery and resilience.