Building Department

Please complete the permit application below and return to the building inspector in person at 20859 Central Avenue East Room G-40, Blountstown, FL 32424

Please have the following with contractor’s license application:

  • Drivers License
  • General Liability Insurance (with Calhoun County named as Certificate Holder)
  • Copy of State license
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance

The Calhoun County Building Department does not take credit or debit cards at this time. They only accept check, money order or cash (cash has to be the exact permit or license fee amount).


Commercial Permit Applications

Residential Permit Applications

Building Inspector

20859 Central Avenue East 
Blountstown, FL 32424

Monday – Friday
7:00am, CST – 4:00pm, CST

[email protected]

(850) 674-8046